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Regular Sunday Worship in Cairngryffe Kirk is held at the following times

January - March 2020   09:30 am

April - September 2020   11:00 am

October - December 2020   09:30 am

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Last Sunday's order of Service

Previous services can be found by following the link at the foot of each page

 Forthcoming Events

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Sunday School restarts on Sunday 13th January 2019

For exceptions and further details see Organisations

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Holy Communion will be celebrated at

09:30am at Cairngryffe Kirk on Sunday June 2nd 2019

and at

11:00am at Cairngryffe Kirk on Sunday 24th November 2019

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Prayer and Praise Services

These are held at 7:30 pm on the third Monday of each month, alternately in Cairngryffe, Libberton & Quothquan and Symington Kirks as follows:

 8th April 2020 Cairngryffe Kirk

18th May 2020 Symington kirk