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Recent Guild Meetings

11th October 2017 - St Andrews Hospice

We were delighted to welome not only our friends from Symington to our meeting but Lorna McCafferty, Trust Fundraising Officer from St Andrew's Hospice as our speaker.   She gave us a very interesting talk about the work of St Andrew's Hospice which was opened in 1986 and now is one of the largest hospices in Scotland covering both North and South Lanarkshire. Running costs per annum are 7.3 million, 37% of which is provided by the NHS, and continuing provision of services is only possible due to the generosity and assistance of the people of Lanarkshire. Fundraising takes place all year round with events such as dinners, cabaret nights, ladies lunches as well as corporate giving.   A variety of services is provided including out patient care, community palliative care, crisis management respite care as well as a range of complimentary therapies.   The Hospice provides care and support to patients and their families tailored to fit individual needs in calm, peaceful and welcoming surroundings ensuring the best quality of life and far from it being a place of doom and gloom it is a happy place where sad things happen.

13th September 2017 Go in Love

We move from the Guild themes "Peace" and "Joy" and come to "Love" which is the binding force gathering altogether in one. Our speaker, our own Minister, George, gave us a different slant on the meaning of "Go in Love" using as his text Mathew, Chapter 5, verse 44 "Love you enemy". Having spent time in Jerusalem he spoke about some of the things he had experienced in particular how the Bedouin tribes - Arabic speaking nomadic people - had been displaced from the Negev region of Israel. He left us with a question "how do we love people who are different from us" 

8th March 2017 - Street Pastors

The Ascension Trust - Street Pastors- is one of the Guild Projects running from 2015 - 2018 and we were delighted to welcome as our speaker Iain Scoular, co-ordinator of the Bathgate Street Pastors. He gave us fascinating insight into the wonderful work carried out by his team on the streets of Bathgate. Teams of volunteers from local churches, together with other professionals, work every week-end from 10pm - 4am supporting, listening to and caring for those who are out and about enjoying the town's nightlife without being judgemental. There has been a  considerable reduction in crime, less suicides, less broken windows etc. due to the presence of the Street Pastors on the streets. Iain felt that they were" taking the love of Jesus onto the streets."

8th February 2017 - My Life-giving Blood

Our speaker was Mr David Fanshawe who gave us a very interesting and informative talk about the special quality of his blood.  Following a donation of blood in 1964 while working at Duncan's Chocolate Factory he was recalled to Law Hospital and informed that his blood contained anti-hepatitis B. Following subsequent screeing and a liver biopsy the antibodies were used to protect pregnat mothers and nursing staff from hepatitis. By 1984 he had donated 100 pints reaching the 200 pint mark some years later. Inrecognition of his contribution he was invitied to meet Margaret Thatcher at 10 Dowing Street  and later became the Donor Director of the Blood Tranfusion Centre. He also gave us a little information about himself and how he tried to do as much as he could to help other people.