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This time - Jerusalem – Peter and John had no money for a lame beggar at the Temple gate but he got something he wasn’t expecting …… the use of his legs! Peter was quite clear to the gathering crowd. It was faith in Jesus that had made this happen and they’d better believe it. The rulers and elders didn’t like the sound of that so they had Peter and John locked up and tried to give them a dressing down the next morning. Peter was having none of it. He repeated what he’d said about Jesus’ power and the elders, though they tried to stop him speaking about Jesus, could do nothing – after all, the man who had been healed was standing there in front of them! They had to let them all go, despite Peter saying he couldn’t stop talking about what he’d seen and heard. ………..We need to believe Jesus too.

Then later, Peter was imprisoned by Herod Antipas and spent the night chained to two soldiers with 4 squads guarding him. But the Jerusalem church was praying and an angel woke Peter, released the chains and opened the prison doors for him. When he knocked at the house where they were praying the servant girl was so amazed she left him standing in the street! He did get in eventually, and told them how he had been freed. That was a lesson about answered prayer!

Why PURE GOLD? Well Peter wrote in one of his letters about …”…..faith - more precious than gold” Get it?

That was the teaching bit. And you should see what we made ………shakers, painted tumblers, greetings cards and iced angel biscuits. The Lion King was great (pity there wasn’t time to see more) and we had lots and lots of new games. Great lunch again….. when’s the next In Service Day Club?