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The Order of Service sheet for Sunday 31st March 2019

The Service was led by the Worship Team

Welcome            :        Intimations and Announcements                   

Call to Worship

Hymn                 :        198      Let us Build a House

Prayer               :       Opening Prayer  and  the Lordís Prayer

Time together   :       

Hymn                 :        688      By cool Siloamís shady Rill vs 1,2,5,6

                                                                                           Tune - Belmont

Scripture           :        Romans          Chapter 12     :  Verses 9-21

                                    John                Chapter  4      :   Verses 46-54

Hymn                 :        181      For the Beauty of the Earth

Sermon              :       

Offering            :        Prayer of dedication

Hymn                :        521      Children of God        Tune Ė Londonderry Air

Prayer               :        of the people

Hymn                 :        549      How deep The Fatherís Love

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