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The Order of Service sheet for Sunday 8th September 2019

The Service was led by the Worship Team

Welcome            :        Intimations and Announcements                   

Call to Worship

Hymn                 :        173     Sing to God New Songs of Worship

Prayer               :        Opening prayer and Lordís Prayer

Time together   :       

Hymn                 :        692      Jesus puts this Song into Our Hearts

Scripture           :        Judges    Chapter 6     :   Verses 11-18 and 25-41

                                      Judges    Chapter 7     :   Verses 2-9 and 19-23

Hymn                 :        606      Lord You Sometimes Speak in Wonders

Sermon              :        and Dedication of the Offering

Hymn                 :        608     Spirit of Truth and Grace

Prayer               :        Prayers of the people

Hymn                 :        251     Here I am Lord

Benediction and three fold amen

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